15 March 2011

Site finds: Dirty Pink Girls

No, that's what the site's called - although that's arguably what I might be thinking of at any given time. It seems that the French have a knack for interesting and exciting smut, as I keep finding French photographers and sites that really appeal to me. I'm not sure who the photographer at Dirty Pink Girls is, but I'm really liking the glamour/fetish aesthetic that I see in the previews there.

Looks like early days for the site - not that much material yet, and there looks to be a fairly limited number of sets/backdrops - but the photographer seems to work around that a little with some creative lighting. Generally I'm a fan of natural light - or natural-looking lighting, which Jam Abelanet does so well - but by being very overt with the strength and direction of lighting, he/she has got a relatively unique feel to it.

Oh, and you may need a smattering of French to negotiate the site, but luckily I'm just there for the pictures. More if and when I sign up.

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