17 March 2011

Book review: Nylon Girls

Goliath are one of my favourite publishers - not too pretentious, I have a number of fun books from them that I really like. And here's one that grabbed my attention more than most, and was a must-have-pre-order as soon as I saw it - especially with Mosh on the cover.

Christine Kessler is a well-known photographer, largely in the fetish scene; I have her previous Goliath book, Pervy Girls - which is hugely entertaining, but does stray into the realm of full-body-and-face latex getups, which is slightly too kinky for my - cough - delicate sensibilities. No such issues here for me, as something of a nylon, er, enthusiast - this is a relatively small book, about 100 or so pages, approx 19x14cm - but pretty much every page is a winner.

Inside you'll see many well-known faces - fetish and pinup regulars like Ancilla Tilia, Angela Ryan, Emily Marilyn, Darenzia; as well as more well-known glamour models including Stoya, Erica Cambpell and Ryan Keely. The photography is fairly conventional, but excellent - and makes the most of the wonderful models she has at her disposal - capturing everything from pinup pouts to sultry and lusty gazes.

And then, of course, are their legs and what they are clad in. There's pretty much every combination of sheer nylon, fishnet and latex - the latter stretching the book's title but I'm not complaining - in the shape of stockings, tights and knee-highs. Some plain and some patterned - it's almost impossible to choose a favourite, but one stand-out for me is Mandy Murders in a sheer bra, corset, and cuban-heel-stockings-and-suspender-belt-patterned tights.

The only thing I'd like to have seen in this book that it doesn't deliver is more - both in size, I'd love to see these great pictures in an oversized format, and quantity - pretty much every shot here works for me (a few more samples here at Goliath) and I'd happily flick through twice as many pages again and again. That said, it's a great book and although of relatively limited scope, it does exactly what it sets out to in a cute and inexpensive package and hence 9/10.

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