28 June 2011

Chinese nylon fetishism @ ROSI.CC

Here's an interesting find from my online travels; a Chinese nylon themed photo site. ROSI.CC is in Chinese only, but via the decreasingly dubious (it's definitely getting better) merits of Google translation, we can determine a little about it - starting with the name of the photographer, Zhang Jing.

Actually, this isn't quite as unusual a site as you might imagine; there are a few Chinese glamour (those I've seen so far are too tame to be really labelled as smut) sites around, such as MetCN (being a blatant play on Met Art) and particularly Beautyleg and TPImage, which go with a similar underwear and nylons theme.

ROSI stands out in a couple of aspects. First, it's free, requiring no subscription - the sets, of are distributed on a couple of Chinese file sharing sites, and free to download. Note that as well as having to find your way around in Chinese, the files are password-protected - use simply www.rosi.cc - and one of the hosts takes exception to a number of the sets, I think finding them too racy. But if you're a nylon enthusiast, these barriers are mere trifles.

The other aspect of this site is the quality of the photography itself. As with some other Chinese sites, we unfortunately don't usually get to see the faces of the lovely (if those incredible, flawless, figures are anything to go by) models; I assume racy modelling isn't really the done thing to be seen to do in China... and/or insert your own Russian reversal-type gag (in Communist China, photo hangs you out to dry in dark room! etc). I don't usually go for faceless pictures, but Mr Jing more than makes the most of it; using overexposure, creative angles and strong bokeh to fetishise various body parts - and, of course, the clothing. There is a varied selection of nylons - tights, stockings, fishnet body stockings - that we often get to see slid down teasingly over thighs, peeled from feet and slick and shiny from the shower; and more often than not, some equally appealing underwear beneath.

The caveat is that it's all technically fairly tame; there's no actual explicit nudity short of the odd hint of pubic hair - but the style and anonymity of it seems to make up for it and enhance the fetish aspect. It's still not quite as racy or erotic as I'd like to see, given the standard of the clothing, models and locations; but it has definitely raised the bar for me from the generic photography I've seen from China so far. Well worth a visit, and keeping an eye on. Visit ROSI.CC.

22 June 2011

Cabaret Desire - new trailer from Lust Films

Via her blog, I've just found this trailer for Lust Films' new Cabaret Desire:

I'm rather fond of Ms Lust; as well as being ever, ever so pretty; she's always hugely cheerful on her blog and on twitter - greeting the world with a sunny good morning from Barcelona. I also like her approach to racy films; arguably feminist porn, with an emphasis on story and eroticism rather than just skin (although luckily there's plenty of that too)... but I don't want to pigeon-hole or label it - if for no other reason that it might appear unmanly to be so excited by it!

The only thing that makes me go hmmm in the clip is the appearance of a vajazzled actress - a baffling phenomenon that does little for me... but I'm sure it won't detract from enjoyment of the film :) Oh, and there's also a making of:

19 June 2011

My new favourite eBay seller: Naughty Nostalgia

My eBay find of the year so far has been 'Legs that Dance to Elmer's Tune' - Taschen's book of Elmer Batters' work, long out of print (Taschen books don't seem to sell long before becoming hard to find). More about the book in a subsequent review, but I will say that it was received, mint as described, from eBay seller Naughty Nostalgia.

I'm quite keen on retro smut. Before the Scandinavian porn of the 70s and later, 50's and 60's racy material was rather tamer than we're used to now. I'm certainly not averse to the more explicit - but with a little imagination, you can put yourself in the mindset of the time; where such stuff would have been considered more illicit than some more graphic porn is today.

Anyway, head over to Naughty Nostalgia's store, where there are some great 50s and 60s magazines for sale, previews of which are just about in keeping with eBay's prudish guidelines :) Expect lots of stockings, retro bras, miniskirts and boots - which can only be a good thing - and some appalling decor.

10 June 2011

Japanese Erotic Photography

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with Japanese smut; on one hand, I think Japanese girls can be stunning and very alluring; on the other, I find very little material that really does their qualities justice. Well, at least as much as we get to see in the west. We get the Gravure idols - beautiful girls shot in various flowery bikinis and the like, beaming at the camera... but despite the perfection of their figures and the revealing nature of their attire, still rather lacking any erotic quality. Then there's the more typical Japanese porn; where the girls (often, seemingly, the same ones as above) seem to get thoroughly seen-to in various ways, and often by multiple guys... I can see the appeal of that too, but I don't really share it.

There seems little middle ground, of creative, inspired and arousing work. There are some notable exceptions, though, and although I don't know enough of them, here are 3 that I do.

I have two of Ken-Ichi Murata's 3 'Princess' books, published by Edition Reuss. His work is unique; hand-coloured, black and white photographs of girls in gothic, fairy-tale situations. It's arguably conceptually similar to John Santerineross; but not quite as dark, and the extra colour - and explicitness - that Murata-san applies makes it more erotic than just art for art's sake.

Also by Edition Reuss is Yasuji Watanabe's Tokyo Girls - a favourite collection of more urban, contemporary photography, ranging from candids, to surreal. Again unique, although this is exactly the level of eroticism that I wish I could see more of from Japan.

And finally, via Taschen's New Erotic Photography, I've recently discovered Maki Miyashita; she's not as focused on eroticism, but as well as gracing the cover, she has some great studies of girls in the disarray of their own rooms; certainly not derivative, but perhaps a Japanese counterpart to Peter Gorman's.

Anyway, it's good to see that it's not all just kawaii girls and orgies in Japan - not that there's anything wrong, per se, with either of those ;) Some writeups of the above books will follow, meantime I'm glad to be following these three very different photographers on Twitter; although I can't read their tweets, links and pictures need little translation!

5 June 2011

Site review: Breath Takers

Breath-Takers is one of a couple of sites featuring the work of UK photographer Michael White. I'll admit that, as with some other sites I've tried, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but it was bumped up my list a couple of places by a recent price reduction - but I needn't have worried, since there's some great, fun and sexy photography here.

It's hard to know quite where to slot it; the photography is perhaps a little arty, with frequent bokeh and emphasis on natural light; but I wouldn't call it art-nude (which, at least for me, would make it rather a turn-off if it were). This is, in no small part, down to the emphasis of clothing (and removal thereof) here... art-nudes tend to be just that - nudes; whereas at Breath Takers, many of the photo sets start with a fully dressed model, and follow her teasing the viewer by gradually disrobing. It's made more believable by the fact that the models actually wear appealing clothes; the kind they might actually wear themselves; and similarly underneath we get to see a great variety of sophisticated, sexy lingerie and nylons.

And of course, clad in these are some lovely models; leaning towards UK, but you'll also find French, east European and US girls. There are some well-known models, such as the (deservedly) ubiquitous Ariel and Eufrat; some lovely French models; and some others who I suspect may not be found anywhere else. Particular favourites for me were the very petite, but oh-so-sexy Ayla Sky; the elegant and naughty Joceline Brooke-Hamilton; pinup and fetish model Anita De Bauch; charming and very racy starlet Samantha Bentley; and oh-my-gosh-those-legs Danielle Maye.

The levels of explicitness vary by model here; the majority of sets end up with full nudity but within that, some models are a little coy (you know full-well what I mean) whereas others are less so, and some recent photos and videos are very racy, with some masturbation - which is welcome and adds more to the mix, I appreciate eroticism from the subtle to the not so.

Locations are also good; many photos are within a light, airy, tastefully decorated house, which the photographer makes good use of all rooms of; there are also plenty of other locations, including European villas. Some are outdoor-themed, such as walks in the park with a little teasing; sometimes these are a bit more risqué but I'd love to have seen a few more so! And I like that there's often a theme or narrative of some sort; such as a sexy phone call, reading a magazine or domestic chores - it's all the more fuel for the imagination as you browse.

Technically the site is good too; pics are 3K-5K pixels and videos 720p. There are a few navigation oddities, but it does have a good update shcedule, with 3 galleries and one video per week. And with a few years' material here, it's also easy to see the progression of the photographer; some earlier galleries are too shadowy, perhaps a bit too moody; but later ones are better lit, but still relying on natural light, and not at the expense of the erotic atmosphere.

So although it has a completely different feel to it, it's positioned similarly to Petites Parisiennes, and there are actually a few of the same models on both sites. It doesn't quite meet my one unique quality of PP, which is that there I found something I liked from literally every model; and it's perhaps not quite as sexy - but it's close, and different enough to be complementary rather than competing. Recommended, and I shall return!

Visit Breath Takers - or click on any of the pics for some sample galleries!

2 June 2011

June at Petites Parisiennes - including a hefty price drop

We all know how fond I am of Petites Parisiennes - it's my favourite destination for racy pictures and videos; it's both characteristically French and sophisticated, and uniquely arousing - far more so than most art nude sites. This month we have two new models to look forward to: Erika, a beautiful French blonde model; and I'm particularly keen to see Nina (aka Miss Ting) whose work I've really liked elsewhere, she seems to have a lot of creative input into her shoots.

I'm also glad to see two 25+ models there this month (27 and 28 in this case); the web seems awash nude photography sites featuring an endless array of stunning, perfect, east European girls (if I ever visit the Czech Republic, I suspect I shall be ogling more than just the historic aspects) in the 18-23 bracket. But, lovely as they are, they don't quite have the allure - although this is also down to the strangely somehow explicit-but-sexless way in which they are shot.

Anyway, no such problem at PP; photographer Jam has an eye for atmosphere and arousal. And as if that weren't enough, at the moment, there is a huge 50% off - $15 is shockingly low price for the amount and quality of exciting stuff on offer here. Visit Petites Parisiennes.