27 March 2011

Racy books @ Blurb

After getting some great magazines from MagCloud, have recently discovered the book equivalent, Blurb. It's a print-on-demand service for folk to self-publish books and seems to be one of the most popular ones for photographers.

Which is great news all round - of course, most erotic photographers would like to be picked up by Edition Skylight, Goliath, teNues etc... but that's a) not necessarily easy and b) something of a minefield with publishers increasingly being pushed hard on pricing by Amazon and the like. The downside is that we don't see the bargains that we're used to - but I'm happy for the artists themselves to set the price and know what they will get from it.

Anyway, of far more interest is some of the very interesting stuff I'm seeing there, and the rapidly growing size of my shopping list! Click on the thumbnails to see previews of the books, then hunt around there and let me know if you find anything else!

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