6 March 2011

Book review: Motel Fetish

The first review here is a bit of an unfair one, since it's a book that by now is pretty hard to come across. (Stop sniggering at the back.) But it's also the book that really got me into the whole pinup/fetish/glamour/erotica genres (and also arguably combines all of them) - I saw it at a bookshop and, not really having ventured into this sort of thing before, couldn't take my eyes off it.

Chas Ray Krider's book, published by Taschen, is a wonder of atmospheric, evocative, noir. Featuring a selection of wonderful models - including a few well-known ones like the lovely Dita Von Teese - in and out of all manner of retro nylons, girdles, bullet bras and sheer panties.

The sets and lighting are perfect - retro motel rooms, harsh shadows from bedside lamps, old TV sets - you can almost hear the clink of ice in the tumblers of whisky that the girls hold. The seeming simplicity of the sets betrays the skill of Mr Krider in capturing the seediness of an illicit encounter at a cheap motel.

If I'm making it sound a bit too arty, it's also extremely arousing. The level of explicitness is spot-on; plenty of toplessness and some full-frontal nudity; but more often than that, are tantalising images of nether regions barely covered by sheer lingerie, or with a hand slipped into the underwear.

There's an accompanying Motel Fetish website, where you can see a few more of the kind of pics you'll find inside it. But if you can, get a copy.

There's no other way to rate this than 10/10 - a masterpiece!

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