2 June 2011

June at Petites Parisiennes - including a hefty price drop

We all know how fond I am of Petites Parisiennes - it's my favourite destination for racy pictures and videos; it's both characteristically French and sophisticated, and uniquely arousing - far more so than most art nude sites. This month we have two new models to look forward to: Erika, a beautiful French blonde model; and I'm particularly keen to see Nina (aka Miss Ting) whose work I've really liked elsewhere, she seems to have a lot of creative input into her shoots.

I'm also glad to see two 25+ models there this month (27 and 28 in this case); the web seems awash nude photography sites featuring an endless array of stunning, perfect, east European girls (if I ever visit the Czech Republic, I suspect I shall be ogling more than just the historic aspects) in the 18-23 bracket. But, lovely as they are, they don't quite have the allure - although this is also down to the strangely somehow explicit-but-sexless way in which they are shot.

Anyway, no such problem at PP; photographer Jam has an eye for atmosphere and arousal. And as if that weren't enough, at the moment, there is a huge 50% off - $15 is shockingly low price for the amount and quality of exciting stuff on offer here. Visit Petites Parisiennes.

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