19 June 2011

My new favourite eBay seller: Naughty Nostalgia

My eBay find of the year so far has been 'Legs that Dance to Elmer's Tune' - Taschen's book of Elmer Batters' work, long out of print (Taschen books don't seem to sell long before becoming hard to find). More about the book in a subsequent review, but I will say that it was received, mint as described, from eBay seller Naughty Nostalgia.

I'm quite keen on retro smut. Before the Scandinavian porn of the 70s and later, 50's and 60's racy material was rather tamer than we're used to now. I'm certainly not averse to the more explicit - but with a little imagination, you can put yourself in the mindset of the time; where such stuff would have been considered more illicit than some more graphic porn is today.

Anyway, head over to Naughty Nostalgia's store, where there are some great 50s and 60s magazines for sale, previews of which are just about in keeping with eBay's prudish guidelines :) Expect lots of stockings, retro bras, miniskirts and boots - which can only be a good thing - and some appalling decor.

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