22 June 2011

Cabaret Desire - new trailer from Lust Films

Via her blog, I've just found this trailer for Lust Films' new Cabaret Desire:

I'm rather fond of Ms Lust; as well as being ever, ever so pretty; she's always hugely cheerful on her blog and on twitter - greeting the world with a sunny good morning from Barcelona. I also like her approach to racy films; arguably feminist porn, with an emphasis on story and eroticism rather than just skin (although luckily there's plenty of that too)... but I don't want to pigeon-hole or label it - if for no other reason that it might appear unmanly to be so excited by it!

The only thing that makes me go hmmm in the clip is the appearance of a vajazzled actress - a baffling phenomenon that does little for me... but I'm sure it won't detract from enjoyment of the film :) Oh, and there's also a making of:

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