28 June 2011

Chinese nylon fetishism @ ROSI.CC

Here's an interesting find from my online travels; a Chinese nylon themed photo site. ROSI.CC is in Chinese only, but via the decreasingly dubious (it's definitely getting better) merits of Google translation, we can determine a little about it - starting with the name of the photographer, Zhang Jing.

Actually, this isn't quite as unusual a site as you might imagine; there are a few Chinese glamour (those I've seen so far are too tame to be really labelled as smut) sites around, such as MetCN (being a blatant play on Met Art) and particularly Beautyleg and TPImage, which go with a similar underwear and nylons theme.

ROSI stands out in a couple of aspects. First, it's free, requiring no subscription - the sets, of are distributed on a couple of Chinese file sharing sites, and free to download. Note that as well as having to find your way around in Chinese, the files are password-protected - use simply www.rosi.cc - and one of the hosts takes exception to a number of the sets, I think finding them too racy. But if you're a nylon enthusiast, these barriers are mere trifles.

The other aspect of this site is the quality of the photography itself. As with some other Chinese sites, we unfortunately don't usually get to see the faces of the lovely (if those incredible, flawless, figures are anything to go by) models; I assume racy modelling isn't really the done thing to be seen to do in China... and/or insert your own Russian reversal-type gag (in Communist China, photo hangs you out to dry in dark room! etc). I don't usually go for faceless pictures, but Mr Jing more than makes the most of it; using overexposure, creative angles and strong bokeh to fetishise various body parts - and, of course, the clothing. There is a varied selection of nylons - tights, stockings, fishnet body stockings - that we often get to see slid down teasingly over thighs, peeled from feet and slick and shiny from the shower; and more often than not, some equally appealing underwear beneath.

The caveat is that it's all technically fairly tame; there's no actual explicit nudity short of the odd hint of pubic hair - but the style and anonymity of it seems to make up for it and enhance the fetish aspect. It's still not quite as racy or erotic as I'd like to see, given the standard of the clothing, models and locations; but it has definitely raised the bar for me from the generic photography I've seen from China so far. Well worth a visit, and keeping an eye on. Visit ROSI.CC.

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