20 April 2011

Book Review: Pantyhose Killer Girls

As a card-carrying nylon fetishist, I was pretty much sold just by the title of Edition Reuss' Pantyhose Killer Girls, by Mathias Angelov. However, I'll confess to a little naiveté, even upon seeing the cover; I read it as Pantyhose Killer Girls - killer in the sense of sexy, beautiful, perhaps a bit dangerous... well, perhaps that does apply, but it's actually very much Pantyhose Killer Girls, since the book is themed around models destroying their nylons for the camera.

The models range form 18-28 (the intro paragraph to each photo set tells us as much, and is a nice touch) and are pretty, mostly girls-next-door - at least some are amateur models and all look very much like they are enjoying themselves! Which makes the photographer's assertion in the preface (somebody has to read these things, after all) all the more believable - that he first came across the theme of nylon destruction as an icebreaker.

And destroy them they do, with obvious glee. The tights themselves are mostly plain, no fancy Wolfords here - but they are purely sacrificial - we see them pulled tight between the girls' legs, yanked up over their breasts, before succumbing to fingernails and having holes ripped in them until they are mere shreds of nylon - leaving only persistent seams pressing into their skin.

The tease of glimpsing a model's pussy though the nylon is therefore rewarded a page or two later by seeing it exposed - there's no shortage of explicit nudity here. The style is relatively unsophisticated - this is unashamedly posed glamour rather than evocative erotica... and I'll risk a generalisation by saying that it definitely has a German feel to it. None of which are a bad thing; the book is done in good humour and with a sense of fun - which in itself lends it a different kind of excitement to it.

Print quality and paper is really good, and the book is a nice size at about 25x18cm. You may pay a little more for this than some books, since it's relatively niche; but if it's your niche, then it's a very enjoyable addition to any collection!

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  1. Must have for 2011 ? I think so !