7 April 2011

Quickies in New York

Following from Ms Lust, another appreciated writer for me has been Violet Blue, whose all-things-sex blog is interesting, entertaining and (at least for me) educational. One of my favourite finds therein - at least so far - is Quickies in New York, a blog of sorts consisting of erotic photos and prose.

The Dirty Gentleman's photography is some of the best I've seen in erotica - evocative and sexy, sometimes just a glimpse of a thigh or breast; others kinkier with bondage overtones. And often with just a hint of disquiet to make you think a little more rather than just ogling (although I'm doing my fair share of ogling too).

Guy New York's text fits perfectly with the images; not directly related, but you'll find yourself looking back and marrying them together according to your mood. As the title implies, the writing is never too long, each post something that can be read within a minute or two; but thought-provoking enough to echo for much longer than that. Sometimes explicit, detailing sex itself and sex games between couples; some musing on the nature of love, relationships that are, have been, or never were.

I'm hoping that a publisher snaps this up, or that they perhaps put something together on Blurb; although QNY is very much of its medium on Tumblr, I can't help feel that I'd love the tactile sensation of leafing through pages of a book as I mull over the images and text. Visit Quickies in New York.


  1. Thanks for the awesome write up! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I do have a proposal out with an agent, but in the meantime I published a collection of stories on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/hFJF3C

    I'm totally loving your curation of racy stuff. It's great to see what catches your eye!

  2. Guy, thanks for the comment! Hope you find something of interest here; I'm being fairly subjective about things I find, but I figure it's not worth trying to be everything to everyone.

    Racy books are still my main interest, though, so hope to see one from you soon; meantime, thanks for the Amazon link :)

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