27 April 2011

House of Etiquette, via Jade Vixen

Here's a great find, courtesy of the very beautiful, sexy and charming fetish model Jade Vixen - who's just posted her interview with House of Etiquette on Lust Love Latex.

Although not quite as appealing as nylons, I'm finding myself increasingly interested/fascinated/excited by latex fetishwear. That doesn't really extend into some of the kinkier items, full-face masks and the like; I'm more into the glamour side and HOE have managed to combine the tight, curve-defining sheen of latex with my other passion - retro-style lingerie.

They've taken some very classic, sexy concepts - stockings, suspenders, girdles and bullet bras - and re-imagined them in latex, which lends a whole new dimension to the lure of stockingtops giving way to the top of a thigh, or the hip-hugging curves of high-waist panties. Add to that some wonderfully fitted outerwear (well, nominally outerwear, at least) - miniskirts, crop tops and ruched sleeve dresses, and we get the stuff that fantasies (at least mine) are made of.

Although I'm sadly unlikely to be a customer, House of Etiquette have a great niche in fetishwear which I'm more than a little excited about. I very much look forward to seeing some of their work showcased by fetish models and photographers; any number of models spring to mind who would look incredible in - and out - of their designs, but Ms Vixen is top of that list!

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  1. I'll second you on this, the latex fits suits very well this kind of retro design. Unfortunately, it's sooo expensive, and as it need to fit perfectly the shape of the model (nothing is less appealing that a catsuit too loose !! :) you can't really buy one to fit several models.... (well, here is the photographer who talks.... I guess if it is for a girlfriend it doesn't have to fit other girls too.... :) hehe....
    I love those stockings too along with the high waist pants, very sexy !!