22 April 2011

Summer books from Goliath

Goliath is a favourite publisher - they have some great, fun and sexy books, of which I own quite a few and have already reviewed two here - Nylon Girls and Touch. So I'm always interested when something new turns up on their site, and this latest brace of racy tomes is no exception.

First is Latex Fetish Photography - just the preview page shows some familiar models and photographers, including one from a great set of Mosh by Holly Randall - I also know Viva Van Story's work is in there but hopefully there will be some new names to discover too. Either way, it all looks extremely tight and shiny; so much so that it's already preordered, and as such I'll write a little more when it arrives.

Next is Dave Naz's Butt Babes. I've been following Mr Naz's work for some time, but am afraid I don't yet have any of his books - I'll confess that his last at Edition Reuss, isn't quite, my niche. However, a recent Leg Show special on him has won me over to his fun, sexy and arousing - and sometime appealingly explicit - style of capturing pretty, natural girls without overdoing the glamour. As such, I'm now kicking myself for not picking up his two previous Goliath books - specifically focused on Panties and Legs (two subjects very close to my heart, not to mention other parts) - when they were readily available, they are far harder to come by now. I'll just have to make sure not to make the same mistake with this one!

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