4 April 2011

Lust Film Fest

Have been following the lovely Erika Lust, who's beautiful smile is always a great start to every day when she tweets a good morning to the world. She's directed some particularly racy films over at Lust Cinema, which will doubtless find their way onto my (increasingly lengthy) shopping list at some point. But in the meantime, I've been enjoying Lust Film Fest, her great selection of erotic shorts and ads from around the web. I've found some very... inspirational clips there, including this rather surreal (at least in my world) vision of household chores.

It's definitely worth checking in on; and do reload the page since you don't see all of them every time!


  1. I like the editing and the mix of surrealism along with the collection of panties :)
    (should add a household chores' set to my petitesparisiennes :)

  2. I thought it might appeal to you, Jam! Some scenes in panties and feather dusters... perhaps stretching up to reach those high spots... would be a great addition to PP!

  3. Marlene with a mop and Emma with a iron, throw in some Nylons, messy hair, and a drip or two of sweat and I think you would have some potent sets !