16 April 2011

Gravelure de l'eau @ Wet2Nude & Wet Spirit

Given that a) the French have a particular talent for interesting smut, and b) I far prefer my racy material with an angle to it, chancing upon Emmanuel Genoll's sites Wet Spirit and Wet2Nude has piqued my interest. There are plenty of nude sites around, but I'm all for anything that provides a little more titillation and context rather than just endless naked nubile bronzed beauties we see elsewhere (which admittedly has some appeal now that I put it like that).

The sites focus on wet girls - largely alone, but sometimes with a boy or another girl - in the bath, under the shower, in a lake or river... anywhere that circumstances might contrive to render whatever (often thin and white) clothing they are wearing, very clingy and as good as transparent. The difference being that one goes as far as explicit nudity, whereas clothes stay on in the other - obviously seeing everything come off has it's advantages, but when clothed is defined as clad in soaked, skin-tight sheer dresses, t-shirts and panties, it's largely an academic distinction.

They are relatively new, still with a fairly small amount of material; shame they aren't bundled together; and as such €25 perhaps a little steep. With some great looking photos and some fun videos, still more than worthy of investigation, though!

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